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  1. #Family #Friends #Hobbies #Fun #Life [...] this is my 2018 in few seconds.

  2. IPSuite 4.3.6 special Christmas forum theme...

  3. Teascu Dorin

    Romanian XenForo translation v1.5.x

    Updated v1.5.22 (11.Dec.2018) Translated 2 updated phrases
  4. Do you feel me...? 😬

  5. Marquardt IE Christmas Tree #ChristmasTree #Marquardt

  6. La Multi Ani de Sf. Nicolae!

  7. ...cand esti prea bun si din "nimereala" iti iasa faze tari :)

  8. La Multi Ani de Sf. Andrei!

  9. Teascu Dorin

    IPS Valentine's Day Special

    Update v1.0.2 (28.Nov.2018) Updated for IPSuite 4.3
  10. Teascu Dorin

    IPS Christmas Special

    Released v1.0.5 (27.Nov.2018) Update for compatibility with IPSuite 4.3.6
  11. #60YearsOldMe 😬

  12. #3D_Photo #Nori

  13. #3DPhoto #Christmas


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